Lighting Technology Resources

Here is a collection of resources found on the web that will help you with your lighting technology research:

California Lighting Technologies Center
While the site is mainly intended for purchases, it's a great source for what's happening in the lighting world (vendors, new technology).  This site hosts a few blogs and newsletters worth signing up for as well.

LightNOW - easy to follow blog about all things lighting.  The articles even go into interesting topics such as the effects of lighting and class segregation.

Lighting Research Center

NALMCO (International Association of Lighting Management Companies) - This site is a great source for videos on lighting, including T8 retrofits and the sometimes confusing tombstone.  The company takes time to break down each topic in a nice pace that's easy to follow. - Also known at The World News Network, has an energy section called the Edison Tech Center.  Want to know about halogen lamps?  Fluorescent ballasts?  This site has the video to explain it.


Universal Lighting Technologies

Lighting Controls

SMART Light Systems


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